Cluj Musical Autumn is the most important international musical festival in Romania, after the George Enescu Festival. The first edition took place in 1965 and, with a short break of one year, it kept its yearly rhythmicity. The initial idea, then followed throughout the long history of the festival, was based on the desire to establish artistic events of the highest standard and, equally, in close relationships with the cultural tradition of Romania.

The repertoire proposed each year is eclectic: symphonic and vocal-symphonic concerts, chamber and solo recitals covering the entire music history, from the first scores to contemporary works. Cluj Musical Autumn has always encouraged cultural diversity and intercultural dialogues, as well as the artistic debuts: aside from inviting internationally renowned artists, the festival creates the opportunity for young outstanding musicians to make their voices heard. More recently, the festival has begun to include jazz concerts, events of traditional music, film music, world music.

It would be impossible to list all the artists that have contributed to the growth of the festival, but its importance and input on enhancing the cultural life of the city owes a lot to conductors such as Valery Gergiev, André Previn, Anatole Fistoulari, Roberto Benzi, Maurice Handford, János Ferencsik, Michi Inoue, Edvard Tchivjel, Yehudi Menuhin, Adrian Sunshine, Alexis Hauser, Laurent Petitgirard, Antonin Ciolan, Emil Simon, Mircea Cristescu, Erich Bergel, Horia Andreescu, Cristian Mandeal, Nicolae Moldoveanu, Camil Marinescu, Zeev Dorman, Sascha Goetzel, Stefan Geiger, Mark Mast, soloists like Jean-Pierre Rampal, Aldo Ciccolini, Lazar Berman, James Kreger, Monique Haas, Ştefan Ruha, Maria Fotino, Valentin Gheorghiu, Lory Wallfisch, Michel Bourdoncle, Harald Enghiurliu, Andrei Agoston, Dan Grigore, Mihaela Martin, Marin Cazacu, Daniel Kientzy, Silvia Marcovici, Liana Şerbescu, Freddy Kempf, David Grimal, Remus Azoiţei, Răzvan Suma, Michael Barenboim, Sivan Silver, Gil Garburg, Daniel Goiţi, Liviu Prunaru, Emilia Petrescu, Georgeta Stoleriu, Liliana, Nichiteanu, Edith Simon, Martha Kessler, Ionel Pantea, Brigitta Kele, Adela Zaharia, Nicolas Simion, Sorin Romanescu, Costin Soare, Maxim Belciug, or chamber ensembles like ca Trio Enescu, Ad libitum Quartet, Arcadia Quartet, The King’s Consort, Schubert Ensemble, AdHOC, Sonomania.