• The choir •

The Choir of the Transylvania State Philharmonic of Cluj-Napoca was founded in 1972, during the directorship of Maestro Sigismund Toduță, famous composer and head of the Cluj music school, whose initiative and perseverance had an important weight in the achievement of this project.

The first conductor of the ensemble was Professor Dorin Pop, a renowned personality in choral music in Romania, who supervised every aspect of the development of the young ensemble, from the initial auditions of the singers to the last element of performance. The results were spectacular. After only two years, the choir of the Cluj Philharmonic achieved the highest national prominence, where it remains today.

In 1976, Florentin Mihăescu, the assistant of Dorin Pop, took over the direction of the choir. He made a notable contribution to the broadening of the choir’s repertoire, and scored the first international successes of the ensemble.

In 1986, Cornel Groza assumed the directorship of the choir, continuing the path established by his predecessors, making out of the Choir a world rank ensemble. The Cluj Choir, through its exceptional qualities and performances, constituted its own visiting card. Each performance, all over the world, meant new promotion and attracted superlative remarks, as well as high rank collaboration offers. The vocal-symphonic concerts, presented in Cluj, in collaboration with the excellent orchestra of the Philharmonic, are performed at a level equal to that heard anywhere in the major musical centers of the world.

The choir has performed within the most important Romanian festivals - The George Enescu Festival Bucharest, The Cluj Musical Autumn Festival, The Cluj Mozart Festival, The Cluj Modern Festival, The Iasi Romanian Music Festival. The renown of the ensemble grew with its tours abroad, with concerts in several important musical centers such as Berlin, Jerusalem, Luzerne, Ravello, Pesaro, Macerate, Naples, Luxembourg, Cordoba, Assisi, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Geneva and Athens.

Cornel Groza (b. 1950) began his musical training at the Cluj Music College. After that he studied musical pedagogy at the “Gh. Dima” Music Academy in the same city. In 1970 he became a member of the Chamber Choir Cappella Transylvanica of Cluj, which, under the direction of Professor Dorin Pop, became a major choral school center at that time. This experience was pivotal in Groza’s choice of choral conducting for his life’s work. In 1972, he was one of the founding members of the Cluj Philharmonic Choir. Since 1978 he is teaching choral conducting at the Gh.Dima Music Academy. 

In 1986, he became the Transylvania State Philharmonic Choir’s permanent conductor. Through his excellent conducting technique, his complete knowledge and full command of choral singingand fine sense of choral sonority, Cornel Groza brings a vital impulse to the steadily growing success of the Cluj Philharmonic Choir.